The Basics Of SEO

Imagine for a minute that you’re a pharmacist for every patient in the world. People rely on your medicines every single day to get cured. So how do you do it? you need a system that can identify the kind of medicines your patients need and how different medicines relate to each other. Your system needs to take in a lot of information and spit out the best answer for a patient’s question. This is not an easy task.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the “pharmacists” of the Internet. Their systems are made to collect data and information about everything on the Internet in order to help readers find the information they are looking for. One important thing you need to know about every search engine is that they have a secret recipe called an algorithm that turns all that information found online into useful search results.

This is a very important aspect for anyone who owns a website or a top Clearwater company. When your pages attain higher rankings many readers will be drawn to your site. The best way to higher rankings is ensuring that your website has all the necessary ingredients that search engine like Google and Bing need for their recipes. This is where Search Engine Optimization(SEO) comes in. Here are some tips you need to consider to attain higher rankings and attract more customers to your site.

Words matter: Search engines account for every single word found on the website. This way, when someone search for a word/keywords the search engine will only display the pages that revolves around the word.

Titles are very important: Every page on the Internet are featured with an official title. However in some cases you may not see them since they’re in the code. Search engines focus more on page titles since they summarize the website’s page like a book’s title.

Links between websites matter: When a web page links to another, is like recommending your readers that this other site has important information for you. A web page that has a lot of links linked to it has higher chances of getting more readers.

Reputation: Search engines also pay attention to your site’s reputation. If your website has a consistent record of publishing fresh and unique content as well as growing numbers of quality links, it will perform well in search engines.


These are the basics of SEO. The recipes are changed time after time. Good Search engine optimization is mainly about creating great content that is backed-up by ingredients that search engine like Google need for their recipe.